There is an active prayer life at SS Peter and Paul’s for all pupils, this is integral within the working of the school. There is a daily pattern of prayer that reflects the rhythm of the prayer life of the Church. Pupils learn and say daily prayers and regularly pray a Morning Offering, Grace Before Meals, Grace after Meals and Evening Offering.

As pupils progress across the school they learn a wider range of traditional prayers that they are introduced to. Your child’s class teacher can provide you with the class prayer book for you to have at home so that you can pray the prayers that they are learning to say in school at home in your family. Here is an overview of all of the prayers pupils will be taught and come to know at our school.

It is important to us that pupils are taught to write and say prayers from an early age. This enables them to turn to prayer when they personally feel that they need to speak to God. Pupils can make use of our Prayer Garden in school to do this.

Teachers also focus on themes alongside prayer. These may depend on the time of year, such as a focus on Our Lady in October and May. They also take the opportunity to refer to current affairs – to support pupils in making sense of events that may lead them to be anxious. Pupils are taught to use prayer at different times in the liturgical calendar, to reflect upon key events, such as the Stations of the Cross or the Rosary.

We encourage parents to continue the prayer life of their children at home.

Children at SS Peter and Paul have designed and developed their own prayer garden, seen here in the pictures that is at the heart of our site and used by pupils to pray. Liturgy Leaders are nominated in each class to have an important role in enhancing prayer life at our school.
All classes have a focal prayer table which pupils take responsibility for, add to and change through the church’s Liturgical seasons. Liturgy Leaders in each class help model, develop and enhance prayer life in the class, in the school and in linking with the parish.

Children at SS Peter & Paul are encouraged to lead prayer. Each week children take part in a class prayer service that is often planned by children. Each class also plans and leads a prayer service termly, that parents are invited to attend, we hope that you can come!