The responsibility for supporting your children in their faith journey is shared by all in the school community.

As the primary educator, the parent is the first and most constant influence in a child’s spiritual development. At SS Peter and Paul’s we wish to work in partnership with our parents, supporting them and complimenting their efforts with their children. Many of you have had your child baptised. For those of you who have not, but are considering this, we can support you with communication with the Parish Priest.

The class teacher and teaching assistants will be those who directly influence your child on a daily basis. Whether or not a Catholic themselves, the expectation of our staff in school is to help pupils develop spiritually. When we recruit staff, this is a fundamental part of the selection process. We look for characteristics within people who we believe can help nurture children spiritually as well as academically. Our staff are also employed on Catholic contracts, which have high expectations for them as professionals in Catholic Education.

The RE Coordinator is Miss Higgins. She holds the specific role of ensuring that standards of RE teaching are at least good. She is also involved in elements of the Catholic Life of the school, such as sacramental preparation, nurturing the Liturgical Leaders and evaluating Collective Worship.

The Principal, Mrs Byrne, together with the leadership team are responsible for providing collective worship events across the year and ensuring that the Catholic Life of the school is alive and effective. This includes responsibilities such as arranging fund raising events and developing a sense of mission and vocation within pupils.

At SS Peter and Paul we also have Liturgical Leaders made up of pupils from each Key Stage 2 class. One of their roles is to ensure that class prayer tables reflect the Liturgical Calendar They also have a responsibility to jointly plan and deliver assembly to KS1 with the Principal and RE leader and the children represent the school at Diocese events. These pupils volunteer themselves and stay in role for the school year.

All pupils contribute to leading prayer in class, evaluating RE and Catholic Life. They bear witness by living the gospel values that we expect within our school community.