The children in Year 5 and 6 arrived at Culmington Manor around 2:50 pm and were immediately put into their rooms to unpack!

They were then split into 4 activity groups. Groups 1 and 2 did team games, including rounders while group 3 did crate stacking with Miss Field and group 4 did the high ropes with Mrs O’Leary.

Everyone then came together for dinner, before having some free time to unpack and relax in their rooms.

At 7:00 pm with the mist descending, the children went into their activity groups again. Group 1 did the high ropes with Mr Morgan, with quite a lot of year 5’s going up to the top! Group 2 did crate stacking with Mrs O’Leary and Groups 3 and 4 did the team games with Miss Field!

The children have just had some showers, if they’ve chosen to, and are getting ready for bed. They are going to be up bright and early at 7:20 am to get ready for breakfast and a morning of canoeing and kayaking.