Year 5 Living as 22 Year Olds

Over the last four weeks, our Year 5 children have been participating in GOAL (Game of actual life) workshops – provided by Premier Sport. Within these sessions, the children are 22 years of age and have to open their own bank account, look for jobs, spend within their budget as well as finding out about renting a property. All  useful information in preparing our young children for the future!


Unified Cricket Event

Report Written by Dior (Y6)

When we got to Ormiston NEW Academy, we saw the competition. Despite use either forgetting or not knowing how to play Cricket, we had faith in ourselves. When we got into the sports hall, we practised a bit then a lady gathered us and told us who we were going against.

We were going to play in the smaller sports hall across from the larger one  – we played all our games in there. Our first two games before lunch – we won.

After lunch, we were supposed to play The Royal School but the plans changed. We ended up playing another school that had also won 2 games (St Stephens). They played really well in the game. They finished on 10 runs but we were sure we could beat them. We were also on 10 runs with one ball left and I hit the ball so well – I didn’t have to run and then everyone crowded around me and we had won the competition!

Football Results

Our football team have played two fixtures in the last few weeks.  Despite performing very well against two good teams, the results were:

Holy Rosary 7 – 2 SS Peter and Paul

West Park 8 – 2 SS Peter and Paul

Nursery rhyme event

Early years are celebrating World Nursery Rhyme this week, and on Wednesday welcomed families to join in with rhyme related activities, before singing the 5 rhymes from the ‘Rhyme a Day’ challenge. Those rhymes are Baa Baa Black Sheep, Two Little Dicky Birds, Down in the Jungle, Row Row Row Your Boat and Incy Wincy Spider. A big thank you to all who attended.

New Social Media Page

Our school has launched a Facebook page as another way to keep our school community updated with events in school.

To find the page on Facebook, please type in the FULL school name and look out for our school logo.

Many thanks.

Aldi – Kit for Schools Competition

We did it!!! Thanks to the dedication of our school community, we have managed to complete our Aldi Kit for Schools Poster. This means that we will be rewarded with some new sports kit and additionally, go into the competition to win £20,000.

Thank you to all parents, staff and children that brought in stickers to complete the poster!

UK Parliament Week

Last week we took part in UK Parliament Week. We had a virtual tour of parliament, held a debate on ‘should school holidays be longer’ and held our house captain elections. Well done to those children who are our elected house captains for this academic year.

By Mr Rose

The Suffragettes Arts Peformance

Children from across Key Stage 2 performed a dance to explain the suffragettes and how they fought for the right for women to be able to vote. This was choreographed by Nicole (Our Dance Teacher) and was performed in front of visitors from across the Midlands, who had come to visit the school in relation to our pursuit of the Arts Mark. A fantastic performance!

Film Night

Film night was a huge success! Classrooms were turned into mini cinemas with refreshments provided and a roaming tuck shop available for the children to purchase further snacks.Thank you for all the children that attended and all the staff that helped support the running of the films.

History Projects

On Friday, parents, children and staff were able to celebrate all the wonderful history projects that had been made by each class around their own History topic. There were such a variety of projects, all completed to a wonderful high quality. Thank you for the all the time that children and family members put into making these. Children were also able to share their knowledge of their History topic when some children questioned them on their projects. Well done all!