Year 6 visit London

Yesterday our Year 6 children had a fantastic day in London! This opportunity was provided by a local property developer ‘Tatton Hall Homes’, and the local press arrived at school as the children were about to leave to get a photo with the class and the Director of Tatton Hall Homes – Mr Tatton.

Year 6 arrived in London at 11:00 am at the Science Museum. Here they were able to see a Rocket show –  where they learned about  forces and the different gases used to create the force for Rockets to get into space. The children were then able to experience the Wonder Lab, where they could take part in lots of different practical experiments including; Light, electricity, water, friction and forces.

After having our lunch, Year 6 then got on the London Underground and traveled from South Kensington to Westminster station where they saw the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. They then walked across Westminster bridge (crossing the River Thames) down towards the London Eye where they were able to see the amazing structure up close.

The children then crossed the Golden Jubilee Bridge and walked up to Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column. From there, the children walked up to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus where they were able to buy souvenirs and visit M&M World. After spending their money, the children then walked down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace to see where the Queen lives. After seeing all the guards, the children walked back up past St.James’ Park and saw a person in the army, who kindly stopped for a picture with the children and explained his job. The children then continued their walk back up to Westminster where they caught the coach home.

A truly fantastic day, where once again our children showed how wonderfully behaved they are! Our thanks go to Tatton Hall Homes for providing such a memorable trip for our children to always remember.