Our Geography curriculum is designed to elevate our pupils’ curiosity and awareness of the world. We believe that our Geography provision inspires children to raise and investigate questions about the world’s natural and human processes.
Through the investigative nature of the subject, we promote our children’s confidence and fluency in geographical enquiry and communication. 


The thematic approach at SS Peter and Paul’s enables children to develop cognition and skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas. Strong cross-curricular links are made between Geography and English, R.E, Maths, Science and History. A progressive learning journey guides our pupils to understand more about diverse places, climates, landforms, resources and physical and human processes.
Teaching children to compare, contrast and explain differences in climate, terrain, and ways of life in divergent countries and continents advances their fascination with the development of the land around them.
Through a pre-teach of vocabulary and a re-visit of key teaching points, topics covered within each year group become embedded in each pupil’s learning journey.


Through research and investigative lessons, our pupils become skilful in giving balanced opinions, rotted in secure subject knowledge of their area of study.
Exposing children to an extensive plethora of subject specific and rich vocabulary during the pre and post teach of topics aids our intent to embed learning objectives. In doing so, this gives our children a good start to their Geography education beyond Key Stage Two.