“During these challenging times, it has become clearer to me than ever before the importance of keeping active and how it benefits not just our physical health but our ability to pay attention, our mood and our mental health too” (Statement  by Gavin Williamson – Minister for Education regarding P.E. Sport Premium School Funding  05.07.20


With reference to the above statement, it is our vision at SS Peter and Paul’s Catholic Primary Academy to deliver outstanding teaching and learning opportunities that promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We teach our pupils in an inclusive, safe guarded, and supportive environment. Additionally, we ensure our pupils can communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with others as part of an effective team, whilst understanding the importance of fairness and hard work. Through a consistent approach we aim to embed lifelong values.


  • SS Peter and Paul’s Catholic Primary Academy provides inspiring and enjoyable learning through a variety of sporting activities.
  • The long-term P.E. plan details the units, which are taught throughout the academic year thus ensuring that the requirements of the national curriculum are fully implemented.
  • Our pupils participate in two high quality lessons per week. Over the academic year pupils will focus on specific sporting disciplines. In addition, children are encouraged to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities. We incorporate lunchtime and after school sports activities on a regular basis.
  • Children are invited to attend competitive sporting events within the surrounding area. This encourages our pupils to develop both their physical skills and mental wellbeing. Additionally, these events encourage teamwork, leadership skills and community interactivity.
  • Across the school, a small group of children are invited to become sports play makers and because of this, they become sporting role models for younger pupils, are able to assist with lunchtime clubs, after school activities and other sporting events.
  • Workshops: we are able to offer our children a variety of sporting workshops throughout the year, for example….? Such as visits to Wolverhampton FC to view the grounds and learn the history of the club. Again, these opportunities help to develop our pupil’s fitness and interactive skills, whilst trying something new.
  • Swimming: Children in Year 6 swim once a week for ten weeks during the spring term. The course is repeated later in the school year to ensure that all children learn to swim.
  • Launching a new initiative in line with Government expectations for students to be active for sixty minutes a day. For example, a daily mile run around the school grounds. Encourage the pupils to come up with a title for this initiative.


As a result of the many sporting opportunities provided through P.E., SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School is able to promote life-long learning, active participation and resilience. This motivates each pupil to be the ‘best they can be’, develop a deeper understanding of their physical and mental health, and expand their overall school achievement.


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